Medical Part Design


IVD Test Kit for Bacterial DNA Extraction

-The sealed blister contains four wells each used in series by the technician by transferring magnetic beads with a magnetic stick also stored and sealed on board

-A sample is transferred via a filtration vial to well 1 which houses the magnetic nanoparticles used as an aid for mixing the sample

-Well 1 is then broken free from the blister and boiled for 5 minutes. This step includes the biggest challenges of the design. Creating 2x breakaways, 4x living hinges, 4x cap/closure features all within the same part demanded critical thinking for material selection along with the geometry of these functional aspects.

-The blister then allows well 1 to be returned on board while the technician continues transferring the magnetic stick through wells 2-4

-Well 4 is then broken free and closed for transport

-Device meets design requirements including stable on a table, ergonomic grip, and transparent

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