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A Solutions Driven Consultancy

Nothing compares to the moment
you finally hold an idea in your hands.

We think building something useful is one of the purest expressions of creativity. It’s what we live for at Soloosion. Whether you need us to take you from concept to finished prototype or are looking for a specialist you can plug in to an existing team, our nimble, unlayered model makes it easy. We are experts in all phases of product development.


Tell us your idea. Is it scribbled on the back of an envelope? In pieces on a work bench? Still in your head? Every project starts with a beginning. A glimmer. We turn that inspiration into a smart, functional design.



Investing time into a project that lacks a clear definition is much like navigating a foreign destination without a roadmap; wrong turns and backtracking will cost real time and dollars, and will delay a product from getting into the market. Soloosion Engineers will work intimately with your team to ensure your goals and needs are clearly established and that the path to get there is intentional and controlled.


We then generate all the trackable metrics like tasks, milestones and budgets to arrive at the fun part, conceptualization. This is where we stare at that blank page and start drawing. Pencil scribbles morph into markers on white board, design meetings, concept storyboarding and, finally, photorealistic renderings. The goal is to show clients not one, but several ways to solve a challenge.


A good design means nothing if it’s not good for the person using it. Our end game in inception is always the customer experience. How will they use a product? How will it feel in their hand? How must it perform? We undertake a variety of ergonomic studies to inform our thinking, the results of which whittle down the options to the final few that will be selected to move into development.


A design only becomes a solution when it’s imagined under every condition and studied against every stress. This requires modeling, simulating, testing, analyzing and testing again. Only then do we build.



Mechanical systems contain a multitude of components that interact in complicated ways. The ability to model these interactions before fabricating physical components saves time, cost and risk during development. Soloosion engineers conduct a variety of kinematic studies to make sure our designs work and are manufacturable.


Now we begin simulating those models against every conceivable stress. The Soloosion engineers perform a variety of finite element analyses to investigate how designs hold up against applied loads, vibrations, thermal distribution and computational fluid dynamics. We want to see how components interact in best- and worst-case scenarios, before we start engineering.


Engineering is where a beautiful shape transforms into a functioning mechanical system it’s also where Soloosion excels. We start by designing and generating schematics for the circuit boards and micro-controllers. Next, we determine what on board electronic hardware and software is required. That’s followed by systems analysis to determine whether motorized or fluid controls work best. It all comes together in a brilliant systems architecture where mechanical, electronic and software perform in perfect harmony.


The final verification is the prototype, which allows us to confirm that the engineered solutions are meeting the design requirements. We can perform high resolution 3D printing with stereo lithography, fused deposition modeling, urethane casting or electronic breadboarding. But because we’re builders at heart, Soloosion also excels at tried and true hand machining to deliver a functional prototype for testing and analysis. However we build it, nothing compares to the moment you finally hold an idea in your hand. This is what we live for.


This is the goal line and we’ll get you across by making sure your design is manufacture-ready and that you’re sourced with the best shops and suppliers we know. And trust us, we know everybody.



Some firms hand off a prototype and walk away, but not Soloosion. Your product is our baby too and we want to see it manufactured to perfection, which is why we are happy to open our vault of seasoned commercialization vendors to you. We source everything: CNC machining; plastic injection; metal shops; assembly. At Soloosion, our recommendations are as important as our designs. As a client, you get both.


A key part of commercialization is ensuring a proper hand-off from engineering to manufacturing. This hand-off is typically made in the form of a documentation, or design, transfer. Soloosion engineers will support the creation of design history files, device master records and design transfer documentation to ensure a seamless transition from Development to Commercialization.


For cases when failure is not an option, Engineers must go the extra mile to ensure that products will experience enduring quality throughout its manufacturing life. The Soloosion Engineers, with a deep history in the planning and execution of Medical Validations & IQ-OQ-PQ, will partner with you to ensure a sound plan is established and that proper controls are in place.

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