Nothing compares to the moment
you finally hold an idea in your hands

We think building something is one of the purest expressions of creativity. It’s what we live for at Soloosion. Whether you need us with you from concept to production or are looking for a specialist to plug into an existing team, our nimble, unlayered model makes it easy. We are experts in all phases of product design.


Tell us your idea. Is it scribbled on the back of an envelope? In pieces on a work bench? Still in your head? Every project starts with a beginning. A glimmer. We turn that inspiration into a smart, functional design.


A design only becomes a solution when it’s imagined under every condition and studied against every stress. This requires modeling, simulating, testing, analyzing and testing again. Only then do we build.


This is the goal line and we’ll get you across by making sure your design is manufacture-ready and that you’re sourced with the best shops and suppliers we know. And trust us, we know everybody.

The best minds in product design, without the layers of a top heavy firm.

At Soloosion, the team with whom you brainstorm your idea is the same team building it. The value of that cannot be understated. It’s a cross-functional approach where overlapping skills sets and creative collaboration lead to extraordinary results.

High Accountability
& Low Overhead

In a world where tasks can be accomplished remotely most clients would rather not pay for expensive brick and mortar or layers of executive salary. Soloosion runs lean and efficient: no red tape, no bureaucracy. Your team expands or contracts based on specific needs. You get senior level engineers, where benchmarks are met, timelines adhered to and accountability is king.  


Before a single electric circuit is designed, code written or fluid mechanics considered, someone has to sit down with a blank piece of paper and start sketching out ways to solve the problem. At Soloosion our motto is “listen to the work”. If you imagine the problem from every angle, invite other points of view and keep the customer experience in sight, the solution will reveal itself. But you need people creative enough to see it. Our team is without equal.

Real World Experience

Plenty of architects have never swung a hammer. A lot of engineers have never been mechanics. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a firm of computer designers. At Soloosion, our team knows how to build with their hands. Just because something looks good in CAD doesn’t mean it will perform in real world conditions. Expertise there requires a team who has reviewed thousands of designs, been on all types of job sites and anticipated every stress. Your Soloosion team sees the possible pitfalls before they occur.

A Seasoned Contact Base

When we hand off a finished design it’s 100% ready for manufacturing or assembly, but that’s little comfort if you’re not sure who to call next. Our clients receive access to our extensive list of recommended vendors. Need plastic molding or metal cutting? No problem. CNC work or industrial finishing? We’ve got those guys on speed dial. During development we are leveraging these experts so are ready to get to work as quickly as you are. Decades of experience brings these resources to you and we’re happy to make that connection. Trusted advice is as valuable as a great product; at Soloosion you get both.

Our Work

We are passionate about solving problems and demonstrate that dedication through our work


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