4-well blister IVD kit

Multi-cavity component for sample preparation

Used for bacterial DNA extraction with magnetic beads and a magnetic stick.

What we did

Challenged by the need to design a single part component with conflicting needs for material properties. A living hinge was needed in four areas as well as two  area in need of breakaway functionality. So our team went to work, succefully developing a functional balance between these utilizing geometry, materials, and our experience of what works.

Tool Design

The result was a slam dunk, including a single (up and down - no side action tool) capable of repeatably producing parts that function and serve the user to the success of which they just say, 'oh, yea it works great, thanks!'

Mold Flow Analysis

Soloosion performed a series of mold flow analysis to ensure proper tool cavity filling during injection molding. More mold flow analyses are displayed below.

The Soloosion Visualized

Project Information & Images

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