Electric Motor Development

Ground-up development of multiple motors for multiple applications

motors are used in heavy-duty applications such as hybrid driveline in a 70,000 pound refuse vehicle

What we did

Developed  electric motors for a multitude of applications and clients, such as a post  transmission installation for a 70,000 lb refuse vehicle. Bearings, springs,  supports, and lifting apparatus specified via FEA. Fasteners specified in accordance with DIN standards for fatigue resistance. Negated EMI between motor and position sensor. Spindle designed via torque calculations in  Simulation and included a fit that allows assembly/demounting from the rotor via fluid compression and nitrogen injection. Frames and end plates designed via CFD for liquid cooling while incorporating and specifying seals and  glands to maintain an IP 68 rating. Entered full line production and field  service throughout North America

The Soloosion Visualized

Project Information & Images

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