Disposable breath Ketone test

Used to rapidly determine when the subject reaches Ketosis (a fat burning state of the human body)


Allow user to crush inner ampoules

Safely contain contents

Transparent bottom for reader


Breath from user to travel through device at a controlled rate


Fit well within human grip

Mouthpiece sized for comfort

What we did

Create a medical device allowing a user to squeeze and break inner ampoules, breathe  through the device, and place within a reader for diagnostics. Materials studies guaranteed the safety and function of the device. worked in tight parallel with suppliers while designing the size and porosity of filters  ensuring functionality. A benchtop flow analysis system was designed, made, and used to ensure the proper flow was achieved. human factors were studies via a variety of prototyped samples. the multi-component device was further developed to reduce components and ease of manufacturing and assembly arriving at a much simpler two manufactured component device.

The Soloosion Visualized

Project Information & Images

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