Solar Powered Portable Charging Station

Tow trailer housing power electronics and an internal framework that supports a twin array of solar collectors capable of charging 600VDC battery packs

used for remotely powering tools of municipalities when grid power is not available


Light Weight


Logistics Friendly


Intelligently maps the sun and safe mode for high winds


Robust stability providing repeatable functionality

What we did

Designed self sufficient tow equipment including solar collectors smart controlled and able  to map the sun. Mechanism allows fully controlled deployment from 0 to 87 degrees via linear actuators.

Design Implementation

Anemometer transmits data ensuring retraction at 10 seconds of steady state >= 25 mph of wind; deployment allowed after 10 minutes <25 mph verified via Regional ASHRAE studies supported the determination that 25 mph would rarely be reached. External mechanism were designed while utilizing the drag coefficient and FEA ensuring that 25 mph wind will not damage the unit.

The Soloosion Visualized

Project Information & Images

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